Cellulite is a common skin condition that affects a large number of women regardless of the extra weight. Cellulite refers to the deposition of fat and water between the skin and the underlying layer, accompanied by reduced elastic connective tissue, and creating a dimpled appearance on the skin.

Causes of cellulite include sedentary life, genetics, hormonal factors, the microcirculatory system, smoking, diet habits etc.

Cellulite treatment:

Sti synkekriméni períptosi, i thermikí laspotherapeía chrisimopoieítai gia tin katapolémisi tis pachysarkías, tis kyttarítidas kai ton ateleión tou dérmatos. Kýria systatiká tis láspis eínai ta kafé álgi, ta kókkina álgi kai i centella asiatica, ta opoía dieisdýoun stous istoús kai droun ekeí apó ópou érchetai to próvlima. Ta kafé fýkia chrisimopoioúntai gia tin antimetópisi tou syssorevménou lípous í tis aplís pachysarkías kai oidimáton. I Centella échei tin ikanótita na diegeírei ti viosýnthesi tou kollagónou mésa apó tous inovlástes tou dérmatos. Veltiónei tin kykloforía tou aímatos kai ypostirízetai óti dra “katevnastiká” sto kentrikó nevrikó sýstima.
In this case, thermal mud treatment is used to combat obesity, cellulite and skin imperfections. The main components of the mud are brown algae, red algae and centella asiatica, which penetrate the tissues and act where the problem comes from. The brown algae are used to treat accumulated fat or simple obesity and swellings.

Centella has the ability to stimulate collagen biosynthesis through skin fibroblasts. It improves blood circulation and is said to act “soothing” in the central nervous system.

Mesotherapy is a technique by which we inject substances under the skin. It is called mesotherapy because our goal is mesoderm, that is, fat and connective tissue under the skin.
In our place we use a new generation machine that achieves mesotherapy using RF currents, which open up “channels” to the epidermis, resulting in the substances passing through the mesoderm.

For the treatment of cellulite we use Cynarin-based strong diuretic action which makes it very useful in the treatment of edema that is characteristic of cellulite.
Another formula is that based on caffeine, which has a lipolytic effect that significantly reduces adipocytes and smooths the appearance of the orange peel.
Finally, we use a formula consisting of a series of active ingredients, such as cumarin, which provide skin rejuvenation effects, helping to improve peripheral microcirculation.

Electrotherapy is widely used in cosmetic aesthetics.
Programs designed by selecting the most appropriate streams for each case and combining them in such a way that they act at each stage of the malfunction to which they are addressed are used.

The program is used for all types of cellulite, ie soft, generalized and painful.
Its results are:

  • It activates lipolysis to deep levels
  • Activates muscles and fibers
  • Enhances venous circulation
  • Strengthening stimulation and clamping

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