Skin tightening


Natural skin damage, muscle weakness and exogenous factors such as sun exposure result in the collagen and elastin fibers declination as well as in skin droop. Sagging is difficult and time-consuming to deal with, but with the help of various methods and home care, the results can be spectacular!

Tightening therapies:

Mesotherapy is a technique by which we inject substances under the skin. It is called mesotherapy because our goal is mesoderm, that is, fat and connective tissue under the skin.
In our place we use a new generation machine that achieves mesotherapy using RF currents, which open up “channels” to the epidermis, resulting in the substances passing through the mesoderm.

Skin relaxation is an aesthetic problem that affects most women in the world and is due to the fact that the skin loses its stimulation because the skin proteins, ie collagen and elastin, are decreasing.
For clamping, therefore, we use a formulation that provides a well-studied combination of active ingredients that restructures and stimulates the formation of fibers, collagen and elastin to restore the skin’s natural condition.
A still very strong formulation is based on organic silicon, which gives an excellent ability to tighten the skin, causing an improvement in the elasticity, toning and stability of the skin itself.
Organic silicon in its biological form is essential for the maintenance of elastin by oxygen bridges and the stabilization of collagen fibers.

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