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Hair growth may affect negatively both women and men, since a smooth and velvety skin is a sign of beauty. In many cases, when hair growth is the result of hormonal disorders, it grows in areas such as face, abdomen, chest and it is persistent and unpleasant for the women, mostly.Nowadays there is a number of forms of hair removal practiced with varied contemporary methods used.


Waxing is an easy and temporary solution for hair removal applied in areas of the body such as calves, thighs, bikini, armpits and the upper lip. Irritation is slight and the result is velvety. The quality of the products used affects the result and the degree of irritation. For this reason in our salon we use exclusively high quality materials.

Radical epilation

Radical epilation or the so called electrical is achieved through the thermolysis. This method involves the transmission of high frequency electrical current, through a very small needle, into the root of the hair. A small number of iterations is required for permanent results. It is applied in small areas, ideal for white and blonde hair.

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