Edge care is now an integral part of the modern woman’s habits, and a sign that she never neglects her appearance and gives importance to detail. In our centre, you will find a range of nail colors, techniques and nail art to choose and impress.

Immediate manicure with bluesky nail colors.
In order to make your manicure last long and avoid discoloration, the gel polish is the perfect choice. The correct application of the excellent Bluesky products gives a fine result so that it will be quite long until we get worried about our nail looks again.

Pedicure is an enjoyable and relaxing treatment for the lower limbs, which are loaded and forced by the posture and misbalance of our body. In addition to the traditional treatment of the lower limbs, there is also the therapeutic pedicure through which the intense hardening and calluses are being treated. And for a perfect finish, we either use Zoya or Bluesky nail colors for a long lasting effect.

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