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Rejuvance is a holistic rejuvenating face massage. Technically, the word massage is not used in its literal sense as the procedure involves an application of two techniques that refresh and revitalize the face. The word holistic means body, mind and soul. Rejuvance works simultaneously on these three levels as any other alternative treatment method. Especially, with regard to the psychological part, rejuvance could be described as a “body work through the face”, that is, the body’s facial massage! Rejuvance consists of 6 sessions which when finished, the results of the aesthetic treatment will be as follows:-The quality of the skin improves-The smooth lines disappear and the deepest ones are softened-The muscles get better toning and elasticity-The toxins are better removed through the lymph flow-The absorption of the skin becomes greaterSweating under the eyes and even dark circles can be improved Apart from the aesthetic effects, there are other benefits such as better sleep, feeling of well-being, deep physical and mental relaxation, relief from headaches and migraines.

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